Insurance Repairs
When an emergency happens the last thing you want to deal with is clean up and repair. Farrs can be there to help. As a family owned business we understand that you need to take care of your family.....let us take care of you and the repairs your home needs with care and understanding.

Water and Fire Restoration: Commercial Fire Repair Damage

  • Carpet and Hardwood
  • Laminates
  • Vinyl
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Floor Sanding


Fire Damage

Fire damage can be particularly difficult to repair properly. If your home or office has sustained fire damage, then you need to hire professionals that specialize in fire damage repairs. If not repaired properly, you will be left with the lingering smell of smoke in the building for years to come and often burnt areas can show through in areas that have been repaired. We are fire restoration specialists and can properly perform al required repairs and restore your structure to good as new conditions.

Water Damage

Water damage can be as minimal as the damage caused by a leaking kitchen sink that causes problems requiring replacement of a gasket or possibly replacement of tiles or vinyl flooring. Water damage restoration may be something that results from a major catastrophic event that requires that you, your family and all of your belongings be moved from the dwelling or business while restoration services are being performed. In any event you can trust Farr's to perform the job to the highest standards with the least interruptions to your daily living as possible.

Impact Damage

Impact damage may be the result of a vehicle that crashed into your home or business or from a tree limb that came crashing down and caused damage. Impact damage from any source can cause structural damage that is not readily visible. In cases of impact damage you need specialists that are familiar with the types of problems that are sometimes created when these events occur. At Farr's we are trained to understand that the damages may be more extensive that are immediately recognized. We will thoroughly inspect the building for any underlying damages and will make sure that you and your insurance company are aware of the entire scope of the problem. We will then plan and undertake a plan of action to restore the building to its intended integrity.